Buckwheat flower, priceless gift of Ha Giang

Nói đến tam giác mạch tại Việt Nam thì tam giác mạch có lẽ là đặc sản riêng của vùng đất địa đầu tổ quốc Hà Giang. Thật vậy, giữa một vùng sỏi đá khô cằn, loài hoa vẫn cắm rễ chồi lên đón nắng và mưa xuân, rung rinh hoa trong sớm, cả một vùng tam giác mạch như đưa người ta lạc vào xứ thần tiên. 

Hoa tam giác mạch, món quà vô giá của Hà Giang
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Buckwheat flower blooms at around the end of the year

The time when Ha Giang buckwheat flowers in full bloom is in the months from September to December every year, when the monsoon winds begin to flow towards the rocky plateau. The valleys and hillsides seem to be filled with the pink and white colors of buckwheat flowers. Along with the soft golden sunlight mingles together with the tiny flowers swaying in the wind, the buckwheat flowers are like a giant coat stretching up the distant hillsides of the rocky plateau, making the land here suddenly become gentle and full of charm.


Rustic but very beautiful flower


There are few flowers as favored as buckwheat in Ha Giang, people remember this flower as an integral part of the rocky plateau. The buckwheat flower has many colors, there are white, pink, purple... The flower has a rustic beauty, stretches along the field, blooms precariously on the cliffs, appears behind the old walled houses or beside the highways. The tiny flower buds look graceful and delicate, but in the middle of this mountainous area, it suddenly becomes a new color to adorn Ha Giang, brightening up a cold plateau, the love that not many mountainous place can have.


The flower that “saves the whole village from hunger”


Buckwheat flower is associated with the story of "saving the village from hunger". Legend has it that in the past, people in the Northern mountainous areas lived mainly on corn and rice seeds. One year, the rice and corn in the house had dried up, but the crop had not yet come, the whole village was gloomy. People searched everywhere but could not find food. Suddenly, one could smell a strange scent in the wind. The villagers followed the ravine and saw a forest of tiny flowers, with triangular leaves hidden under the flowers. People bring the seeds of this tree to eat instead of corn and rice and call it buckwheat tree.


Buckwheat flowers also carry a realistic meaning about life, as when talking about buckwheat flowers, we immediately think of dishes with bold characteristics of the Northeast mountains and forests. The stem of buckwheat is also processed to be used with other vegetables in the meal. In addition, this is also a medicine, according to Oriental medicine, buckwheat has acrid, slightly spicy taste, moderate characteristic; has diuretic effect, clears heat and detoxifies.


Buckwheat cake is a famous specialty

Buckwheat cake is made from seeds, something that few people go all the way to Ha Giang noticing because they are drunk in the beauty of pink and purple flower petals. At the end of the season, people harvest buckwheat, their seeds are dried, a part is used to brew to form the famous pink yeast, another part can be used to grind into flour to make cakes.

From the buckwheat seeds that are smaller than a pea, the people here grind it into a very smooth flour, then mix the flour with water to form a dough, then put it into a traditional mold to mold into round pieces of cake. It sounds easy to do, but it is very difficult to grind buckwheat flour, it must be the buckwheat seeds that have been dried for about a week in the sun, then it is easy to grind.

Not too smooth like rice flour, buckwheat flour has a slightly fleshy taste, with a slight pungent characteristic of forest trees. The cake is steamed on the fire with a sweet, soft taste, when it reaches the buyer's hand, it is still warm.


Buckwheat Flower Festival – Colors of stone flowers


Along with the success of the "Love Song from the Stone" in 2017, "The Flower Land - Spreading" in 2018, this year, the 2019 Buckwheat Flower Festival takes the theme of "Colors of stone flowers". The festival officially opens at 8pm on November 16, 2019. At the same time, the program is also broadcast live on Vietnam Television; livestream on the fanpage Buckwheat Flower Festival. Through the festival, Ha Giang Province aims to honor this special flower, along with spreading and sharing the cultural identity and national beauty of the Mong people here.


Where to see the brilliant buckwheat flowers

- Sung La: This place is considered the most beautiful buckwheat flower viewing spot in Ha Giang. This land is known as "the place where the rock blooms" because of its beautiful flower beds when in season.

- Lung Cu flagpole: not only it brings the majestic beauty of the mountains and forests, but when it comes to the buckwheat flower season, Lung Cu also becomes gentle and poetic with the pink and purple color covering the road. The buckwheat trees here are planted into terraced fields, which are quite eye-catching.

- Lung Tao hillside: buckwheat flowers here are scattered on the hillside. Therefore, to be able to see the buckwheat flowers in season, visitors have to go to a very high point to see the full scene of the flower field in full bloom.

Coming to see the buckwheat flower season, visitors can also see images of Mong ethnic children with their bare feet, carrying bamboo on the back, holding small kid in their hands, going to the fields to help their mothers, or innocent and young faces of the babíes sleeping on their mother’s back, smiling slightly as if they are dreaming a beautiful dream. The crisp, mischievous laughter of children among the vast fields of buckwheat flowers is also very strange, strange but very familiar, making visitors feel like returning to their childhood of many years ago.


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